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  • 36 Aigyptou Avenue, 6030 Larnaca, Cyprus
  • clients@lawyers-cyprus.com
  • +357 24 656 406

About us

We areE.R. Team Global Consultants, a company specialized in providing clients with company formation services. The firm is composed by numerous legal and financial consultants, who have a wide experience in company formation cases in Cyprus.

We are based in Larnaca. Our experts specialize in company formation and tax consultancy, however we also offer legal advice in certain aspects of commercial and corporate law. Representation of clients looking to incorporate Cypriot companies or related services (virtual offices in Cyprus’s main cities, accounting etc.) will be handled by our team of consultants.

Our team of company formation specialists in Cyprus

Meet below Evgenios Erotokritou, the founder and CEO of E.R. Team Global Consultants.

Evgenios Erotokritou is a founding member and the CEO of E.R. Team Global Consultants and a Barrister-at-Law, member of the Cyprus Bar Association since 1980. In terms of education, Evgenios Erotokritou graduated from the Law School of the Society of the Middle Temple in the Strand London with Distinction and has also become a member of The Honorable Society of the Middle Temple.

With a vast experience in company formation, banking and tax matters, Evgenios Erotokritou, is one of the most reliable members in our team. He has helped clients all over the world thank to his extensive knowledge of the English language, but also French and Italian.

Our CEO Barrister Evgenios Erotokritou has been a very active member of the law community, a member of the Local Legal Committee, President of the Lions Club International, Member of local football team, President of the Parents Association of the Sotira School, President of the Health Club of Larnaca-Ammoxostos.

Revekka Erotokritou has studied in the University of Salonica, Greece and is with us since 2005. She is the Director of Corporate Services Department. She is also the Compliance Officer at E.R. Team Global Consultants Ltd.

Cos Nicou is one of the new members of our team, being with us since 2015. Now, she is the Manager of Corporate and Banking Operations Department.

Michalis Erotokritou is qualified at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors as an International Surveyor which has helped him become our In-House Property Surveyor and Real Estate expert. His qualifications recommend him to help entrepreneurs looking to invest in Cyprus.

Constantinos Stavrou studied in the UK at the Manchester Metropolitan University for 3 years and got a degree in Information Technology and he currently helps our team and our clients with all IT-related issues.

Demetris Koutsoftas is our Financial/Accounting and Tax Consultant. He guides our clients in all tax and accounting matters.

Maria Xeni has studied Law at the University of Manchester and has an LLB in Law and an LLM Master in Business Corporate & Finance Law. She is the Director of the Corporate Department of ER Team Global Services Ltd.

Efrosini Tymbiou is one of the oldest members in our team, as he is with for more than 30 years. She is Manager of the Nominee Services and Office Organizations Department.

Tonia Erotokritou is with us since 2011 as Administrator for Corporate and Banking and handles all queries of clients in respect to these matters.

Pantelis Kone graduated the University of Leeds Metropolitan in the UK and is our VAT Consultant and Associate.

Our affiliations

E.R. Team Global Consultants (OpenCompanyCyprus.com) is a trusted member of BridgeWest. They are also part of important organizations, among which the Cyprus Bar Association, the well-known HG.org legal website and of the Expat Briefing web portal. Our CEO Barrister Evgenios Erotokritou is an important member of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple.

Our services in Cyprus

Our team is made of no less than 35 specialists in all business areas in order to provide all the services a client interested in starting a business in Cyprus needs. From corporate services which include personalized company formation services, to nominee, real and virtual office services, our specialist strive to do their best by our clients. Apart from these, we also offer assistance in setting up bank accounts in Cyprus and other countries.

Our core value is Nil Satis Nisi Optimum” or “Nothing but the best is good enough”, so we don’t stop until our clients have received the best services from us.

Our specialists in company formation matters in Cyprus are ready to answer all our clients’ questions and provide them with the best personalized consultancy for their businesses. In order to set up an appointment please call our main office at +357 24 656 406..