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Establish a Retail Business in Cyprus

Establish a Retail Business in Cyprus

Retailing industry can provide solid financial returns, if carried out in accordance with the needs of that particular market. The industry is very well represented on the Cypriot market and investors who are interested in setting their business operations in this field should know that they can incorporate the company in accordance with the provisions set out for any other type of business. However, the investor may need various business licenses, issued accordingly with the specific of the business activity. Our team of Cypriot company formation specialists can provide assistance for the registration of a retail company.

Register a retail company in Cyprus

In order to register a company in Cyprus, the investor will have to propose a trading name to represent the business at the Registrar of Companies, the institution which gathers information on any company registered in Cyprus.

The application for the procedure can also be performed online, through the online platform available at the Registrar of Companies.

The next step refers to the establishment of a legal entity prescribed by the local legislation. The investor will have to draw the statutory documents of the company, represented by the memorandum and articles of association. The procedure requires the assistance of a Cypriot attorney, as stated by the provisions of the Companies Law. One of our Cypriot company formation experts can help you during this process.

The main documents of the company will be registered at the Companies Section of the Registrar of Companies Department.

Further on, the business will need to register for tax purposes, social welfare and social insurance; our team of Cyprus company formation consultants can assist in these procedures.

We are also at your service if you want to buy a Cypriot shelf company. Our services include choosing the service provider, support during the acquisition process and assistance in making the necessary amendments. We are also at your service with company due diligence before the purchase, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Business license and permits in Cyprus

Retailing businesses set up in Cyprus are required to receive business licenses and permits, issued in accordance with the specifics of their activity. For example, retailers which will provide alcoholic beverages will need a license attesting the legal right to sell intoxicating liquors. In order to obtain such a license, the investors will have to address to the District Administration Office.

Persons who need further information on the retailing business in Cyprus can contact our team of Cypriot company formation representatives.