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Establish an Agricultural Business in Cyprus

Establish an Agricultural Business in Cyprus

In Cyprus, around EUR 485 million is projected to be invested in the farming industry, as well as the rural areas through the CAP (the Common Agricultural Policy) between the years 2014 to 2020. The farming industry has always been a crucial sector in the economy of Cyprus.

Just like all across the European Union, farmers in this country have to abide by certain “greening” regulations. Our Cyprus company formation consultants can assist you to establish a Cypriot agricultural business.

Becoming an agriculturist in Cyprus

If you wish to become an agriculturist in Cyprus, you will have to register with the Council of Agriculturists and therefore obtain the appropriate license. Our experts in company formation in Cyprus can give you more details about this license.

However, citizens of the European Union and legal persons who reside in a Member State and wish to offer their services temporarily or circumstantially in Cyprus do not have to register and obtain the above-mentioned license.

In these cases, they have to inform the Council and will be registered in the Special Registry of Agronomists who Provide Services. Our company formation advisors in Cyprus can provide further details on this matter.

Criteria for becoming an agriculturist in Cyprus

To be able to register and act as an agriculturist, a natural person has to meet certain criteria to register with the Council, such as:

•He or she has to be a Cypriot citizen or the spouse or child of a Cypriot citizen or a European Union Citizen and has to live in Cyprus on a permanent basis;

•He or she must have knowledge of the local language needed to practice an agricultural profession in the country;

•He or she should have an appropriate character;

•He or she must have a university degree or a diploma in agriculture or in any domain of the agriculture issued by a university or a university equivalent recognized by the Council; or

•He or she has to possess a university degree or diploma in a related agriculture science issued by a university or higher educational institution as well as a Master’s degree in an agriculture domain;

•Other criteria: our company registration professionals in Cyprus can offer more details on what these other criteria consist of.

If you would like to know more about the agriculture industry in Cyprus, or if you want to open a Cypriot company, please get in touch with our company formation representatives in Cyprus.

Company registration in Cyprus also enters the attention of our agents. In fact, this the primary service we offer to local and foreign clients. Over time, we have established a large database of clients with whom we have work and that can testify to our services. If you want to convince yourself, feel free to contact us.