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How to Open a Tea and Coffee Shop in Cyprus

How to Open a Tea and Coffee Shop in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most important trading hubs in Europe as through its ports tons of products take the road to neighboring countries. Many foreign investors come and open companies in Cyprus, their number increasing on a yearly basis. While some of them decide for large business, most of the business owners choose to set up small businesses through which they sell high-quality imported goods. Among these goods are tea and coffee.

Those who want to set up businesses for selling tea and coffee have several choices in the matter of structures. Our company formation agents in Cyprus can help them choose the right business form for a company selling tea and coffee.

Requirements for selling tea and coffee in Cyprus

The first and most important requirement for selling tea and coffee in Cyprus is to register a company. This can take the form of a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, depending on the size of the business.

In the case of foreign investors coming from outside the European Union, opening a company in Cyprus implies applying for a residence permit. Then, the company can be registered.

Our Cyprus company formation experts can help foreign investors outside the EU in establishing a business for selling tea and coffee. We can also help you buy a shelf company in Cyprus that is already registered for VAT, thus streamlining a some of the procedures that are usually associated with starting a new firm. Any additional inquiries can be directed to our local company formation specialists at any time, so that you can have your business up and running as soon as possible.

Licenses for a tea and coffee shop in Cyprus

The following licenses need to be obtained when opening a tea and coffee shop in Cyprus:

  • – a catering license which implies complying with several requirements related to the management of the establishment;
  • – a street trading license, if the business ownerwants to set up a street stall;
  • – an import license, if the products sold are imported from other countries outside the EU;
  • – other licenses could be required, depending if additional services are offered in the tea and coffee shop.

Our company registration advisors in Cyprus can help with the registration of tea and coffee shop here.

Why open a tea and coffee shop in Cyprus?

Cyprus is one of the most sought touristic destinations in Europe and attracts a great number of tourists in cities like Paphos, Larnaca, and Limassol. Starting a tea and coffee shop in one of these cities can be a great business idea with spectacular returns on investment.

Coffee shops are one of the latest trends at a European level, as the clients of such establishments have acquired specific tastes for coffee and tea.

If you want to open a company in Cyprus for selling tea and coffee, please contact us.