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Open a Taxi Company in Cyprus

In Cyprus, there are a lot of taxi companies and individual taxi drivers, due to the increasing number of tourists who are coming here to visit the island. Taxis here can be booked by phone, there are plenty of them at airports and terminals or can even be waived from the streets. If you are considering opening a taxi company in Cyprus, our company formation specialists in Cyprus can help. When registering your company, you can choose from several types of companies, but you should know that the Cyprus ltd is the most popular business form in this country, being suitable for small and medium sized companies.

Opening a company in Cyprus to offer taxi services

When deciding to set up a taxi business in Cyprus, the investor must choose a business entity type. The most common type of business entity in Cyprus is the limited liability company (LTD).

The first step in opening this type of company in Cyprus is to register it with the Cypriot Registrar of Companies. Then, the entrepreneur has to prepare and submit a set of documents and apply for a company name.

After the company name has been approved, the entrepreneur can begin to gather the documentation needed to register the business in order to open a Cypriot taxi company. This documentation is comprised of:

• a declaration form;

•a declaration form for the registered business address;

•certain details related to the company directors and secretary;

•the Articles of Association of the company.

Our Cyprus company formation advisors can assist you with the entire registration process of an LTD company in this country.\

If you are interested in our company registration in Cyprus, you can contact us via email. You can briefly explain the type of legal entity you are interested in, the operations you plan on completing, as well as other details you think might help us and one of our agents will send you a personalized offer.

How to begin a taxi company in Cyprus

To open a taxi company in the island and be successful at it, follow these guidelines from our company registration consultants in Cyprus:

•Find out if there is a demand for taxis in the area where you want to operate;

•Establish your niche: ask yourself what kind of clients you want to have;

•Put together a solid business plan which should include the start-up costs, the management strategy, a marketing plan and a development plan;

•Find the capital needed for you to open the taxi company in Cyprus

•Apply for a professional driving license (a ‘T’ category driving license) with the Department of Transport in Cyprus. To obtain this type of license in this country, you must be at least 21 years old and have minimum two years of experience with a full driving license;

•Other considerations: our Cypriot company formation representatives can provide all the necessary details related to what these other considerations consist of.

For more information on how to set up a Cypriot taxi business, please speak to our agents specialized in company formation in Cyprus.