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Set up a Call Center in Cyprus

Set up a Call Center in Cyprus

Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Cyprus can also incorporate it as a call center, which is one of the most common types of business activities registered at a worldwide level. Call centers are established to provide assistance services which can be of use to the employees of another company or to a general public. It is important to know that call centers are registered following the standard registration procedure available for other types of companies, but there are several aspects which differ from a regular company, such as the employment conditions available for persons working in this environment. Our team of company formation specialists in Cyprus can offer assistance on the main steps referring to the company’s registration.

Register a company in Cyprus

Foreign businessmen should know that the Cypriot business environment provides very good conditions, as the local economy is very solid. Although the Cypriot legislationhas incorporated the main directives established by the European Union, it is advisable to receive the assistance of a company formation consultant in Cypruswhen registering a new company, as the local law has its own specific procedures.

The first step of the incorporation process refers to the reservation of the company’s name, a procedure which can be performed in the online environment at the Registrar of Companies.

Also, it is crucial to choose a legal entity which is suitable for the investor. This aspect will be reflected in the statutory documents of the company – the articles of association and the memorandum, which must be drafted under the stipulations of the Companies Law.

All call centers in Cyprus should also register for Value Added Tax purposes and for social contributions and social insurance. Because call centers established in Cyprus may have business operations available in another part of the world, the employees may work during night-shifts and in the weekends and it is important to know the legislation in this matter.

Businesses registered as call centers will also require a telecommunication license to conduct their specific activities, even through a purchased company.

The first obligation an investor has after buying a Cypriot shelf company is to change the Articles of Association. After amending them, the new owner must also notify the Companies House and make various other arrangements that will enable them to start operating as soon as possible.

Types of call centers in Cyprus

A call center provides telephone services for international clients, who can be natural persons or legal entities. The employees are trained to follow specific tasks for various situations and to provide technical assistance for the client’s inquiries.

Businessmen who want to open a call center should know that there are severalservices provided through this type of company:

in-bound call centers, specialized in receiving calls from clients;

out-bound call centers, specialized in outgoing calls to current or potential clients;

international call centers, working for international companies

domestic call centers, carrying out activities only in a certain country.

Foreign investors who are interested in receiving further information on the call center industry in Cyprus can receive assistance from our team of experts in company formation in Cyprus.