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Set Up a Consulting Company in Cyprus

Set Up a Consulting Company in Cyprus

Consultants in Cyprus

A consulting company in Cyprus offers solutions for investors in various business fields and industries. Consultants are professionals qualified to offer assistance and advice in a number of key areas and clients rely on their expertise to solve certain business issues or find solutions for their Cypriot companies.

Those who want to open a consulting company in Cyprus need to set up a Cypriot company and hire the consultants, the professionals who will help the clients with their expertise. Our Cypriot company formation agents can help you open a company and start a consulting business.

Consulting services for Cypriot companies

Foreign entrepreneurs choose to invest in Cyprus for a number of reasons, including an attractive tax system, strategic location, good quality of life, business opportunities and access to a talented workforce. Those who start a new company will often need a partner that can help them in various business situations and a Cypriot consulting company can provide just the right business solutions.

A consulting company in Cyprus will base its results on the expertise of its employees, the professionals who offer advice and business consulting services. The range of services can be general or specialized. Consulting companies can offer solutions for company incorporation and company registration, business solutions for companies that activate in special business fields like imports and exports or solutions for company mergers and acquisitions. Consultants in Cyprus can also provide counselling and assistance for obtaining resident permits in Cyprus, living and working in the country.

A consulting company in Cyprus will also provide development and growth advice for its clients as well as business reviews, business or financial modelling or valuation services.

We have years of experience helping companies expand globally. We provide consultation to businesspersons looking for company registration in Cyprus. This consultation may include using the information you supplied, perform a quick analysis of your needs and then support in incorporating the selected type of entity as soon as possible.

Open a company in Cyprus

If you want to open a company in Cyprus, our Cypriot company formation specialists can help you begin by choosing the right business type. We will also help you draw up the company’s articles of association and open a bank account for your business.

Our experts can offer you a valuable insight on the Cypriot market, including information about other business opportunities and the business start-up costs. You can contact our company formation representatives in Cyprus if you have any questions.

If you need assistance in company registration in Cyprus, you can grant our local specialists a power of attorney. Please get in touch with our local incorporation agents in Cyprus if you require assistance with the formation process. We support overseas investors who want to set up various types of entities, among which limited liability companies are widely sought.