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Set Up a Liaison Office in Cyprus

Set Up a Liaison Office in Cyprus

New companies in Cyprus can choose to begin their commercial activities here by setting up a liaison office. This is the simplest form of organization that can be chosen by new companies when entering the market and its purpose is to connect the foreign mother company to the market in Cyprus. The liaison office, also known as a representative office, will be dependent on the main company and will act in its best interest.

Our Cypriot company formation experts can help you open a liaison office and take the first steps for doing business in Cyprus.

Why open a liaison office in Cyprus

A liaison office is a good way for international companies to be present on the Cypriot market and maintain a good relationship with their customers. By setting up a representative office, clients have a way of communicating with the company in Cyprus and the company can monitor the market and adjust its activities accordingly.

A representative office in Cyprus will conduct marketing operations and other non-transactional operations. This type of establishment is different from a branch or a subsidiary in Cyprus, as it can perform certain activities necessary for representing the headquarters. Although the liaison office cannot perform independent activities, it has an important role in representing the company in front of Cypriot institutions and is essential for marketing purposes. If you want to know more about the advantages of a representative office in this country, one of our Cypriot company formation specialists will give you more information.

How to open a liaison office in Cyprus

A liaison office in Cyprus has to obtain a license for functioning and be enrolled as a tax payer. Unlike other types of companies in Cyprus, a representative office does not require a minimum share capital. Some fees may apply for the registration procedure.

The list of documents necessary for opening a liaison office in Cyprus includes: the application form, copies of the company’s Articles of Association, a copy of the incorporation certificate, a letter from the chief of the representative office and other documents stating the reasons for opening the office. All copies should be legalized.

Different rules apply to investors from the European Union, European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, and non-EU nations interested in company registration in Cyprus. Businessmen from the EU, EEA, and Switzerland enjoy the same privileges as those from Cyprus, and neither work visas nor a residence permits are necessary for them.

For any matters concerning company formation in Cyprus, please contact our team of company registration representatives.