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Set Up a Print Shop in Cyprus

Set Up a Print Shop in Cyprus

In Cyprus, there are a few printing businesses, mainly located in cities, which offer their services on a small scale to their clients, including printing of business cards, flyers, invitations, catalogues and posters. In this article, our Cypriot company formation consultants explain how to set up a print shop in Cyprus.

The majority of print shops also have retail stores and manufacturing facilities and need local business permits, state tax registrations and retail sales certificates. They also have to be inspected for safety and environmental issues.

Permits, licenses and inspections for print shops in Cyprus

In case the print shop is set up as a corporation, limited liability company or partnership, the necessary steps required to open such business entities in Cyprus have to be followed.

As about the store conditions, entrepreneurs can either rent a store or a facility for their print shop in Cyprus, however, it has to respect the local planning, zoning, safety and environmental criteria.

Conditioned by the type of equipment and shop, the work area should have the appropriate ventilation, electricity, drainage, air conditioning and water service.

The printing equipment could necessitate an industrial or commercial electrical system and it could yield wastewater and airborne pollutants.

Our company formation advisors in Cyprus can provide more information on the demands and restrictions set in place in Cyprus for the type of print shop you wish to set up.

Steps required to set up a print shop in Cyprus

In order to open a successful print shop in Cyprus, our company registration consultants in Cyprus advise you to follow these steps:

•Find a niche in the printing field;

•Get familiarized with the industry standards;

•Attentively choose your words when delivering your products to your clients;

•Establish what type of equipment you will use;

•Do your due diligence on your competition and the equipment they are using;

•Do your due diligence on the available printing equipment from different manufacturers;

•Other steps: our company formation specialists in Cyprus can offer more details on what these other steps consist of.

If you would like to know more about the printing industry in this country, or if you wish to open any type of aCypriot company, please contact our Cypruscompany formationconsultant.